Here is a collection of some of the great staircases you can find around London. Some of them need a bit of hunting down but they are worth the effort.

Somerset House

Somerset house is home to some amazing staircases old and new. Some are open to the public but Somerset House also runs free tours so you can see private sections and you can pay for entry into Courthalds Gallery.

This is the Nelson Staircase in the South Building of Somerset House.


By contrast – the Miles Stairs are a new modern design in a private section of the building.



Queen’s House in Greenwich

First up is one belonging to the Queen – at least in the Queen’s House in Greenwich. Called the Tulip Staircase, it is and I quote, ‘the first centrally unsupported helical stairs constructed in England’. Free to get into the Queens House is next the National Maritime Museum.



 British Museum

The next staircase is in the British Museum –  leading up to the Reading Room in the Great Court.


and on the other side…



Heals on Tottenham Court

This spiral staircase is in the department store – Heals on Tottenham Court. Its called the Brewer Staircase.




With over 300 steps, the spiral staircase winding its way up the Monument is the daddy of them all.



Premier Inn, Blackfriars

This amazing circular staircase is in one of the more unlikely locations, in a Premier Inn near Blackfriars.



BBC Television Centre

Within the old BBC Television Centre (and now hidden away during its re-development) is this stunning staircase. Hopefully it will be re-opened and accessible for people to go and see.




Citizen M Hotel

This spiral staircase in the Citizen M Hotel, Southwark is small but beautifully crafted in wood.





 Tate Britain

and finally for now is this staircase in the entrance to the Tate Britain – small but no less stunning.



..and that’s it for now. The only decision you have is take the photo from the bottom looking up – or from the top looking down.