All of the photos on this site (with a few exceptions) have been captured using my trusted Fujifilm x100s.

For me its the ideal all-rounder. Its easy to carry around and slip in a pocket (which means I’m more likely to have it with me) – but is also capable of taking some seriously great photos – in most lighting conditions.

The 35mm equivalent lens is just about the perfect focal length for street photography, interiors and capturing buildings. It also avoids the hassle of having swap in and out multiple lenses – although I admit having wider angles for internal shots and larger buildings would be handy – however the panoramic mode helps in some situations

It’s retro design is also something you never tire off .  It doesn’t announce itself like a big DSLR which means I can be more discrete when framing a shot – but up close up it remains seriously cool.

Fujifilm x100s

Buying a Fujifilm x100s

The x100s is not cheap – you pick up the x100 up on eBay for £300 or so. This has to be a bit of a bargain if you get a good one and it has the updated firmware.

I got my Fujifilm x100s direct from Fujifilm on their refurbished list It comes with a one year guarantee and it saves you £100. Click here to check out the latest offers on



I love the ease of use and the speed of processing you get from Picassa – and its free. It can’t handle RAW files from Fujifilm (please fix Googlei!) but with the x100s you don’t have to play with the jpg’s too much – just crop to create the ideal composition, align the image and tweak the brightness and saturation. Occasionally I add a bit of a vignette.

For my favourite shots I make the effort of dragging them into Photoshop and spending a little more time with them there. I’m no expert (who is) but there are few techniques I’ved used to good effect.



Fujifilm x100s Reviews

There are plenty of great reviews for the x100s out there – two of the biggest evangelists out there are are Zack Arias and Ken Rock Rocwell. Check out

Ken Rockwell review of the x100s

Zack Arias review on his website